New Drivers

For the first two years of driving, a driver is known as a new or probationary driver. The law treats new drivers differently. During the probationary period should a driver obtain 6 or more penalty points, their driving licence will be revoked by the DVLA.

New drivers are often young drivers, who lack driving experience. As a result they may be more likely to commit driving offences, or to be involved in a road traffic accident. They are also less likely to have the experience or knowledge to know how to try and save their driving licence.

The areas of law which would most commonly affect new drivers include driving without due care and attention, failing to stop or report and accident, and speeding. Any of these offences could lead to an outright disqualification, or penalty points being imposed.

Some offences carry mandatory disqualification, whether or not the driver is a new driver. These include drink driving, and dangerous driving.

A new driver who accrues 6 or more points, and has their licence revoked, will revert to a learner driver status. This means having to drive accompanied, with L plates on, until the driving test is taken, and passed. There is also the likelihood of an increase in insurance premiums.

A driving disqualification would mean that the driver would be committing a serious offence should they drive any mechanically propelled motor vehicle in England and Wales. The commission of this offence often leads to a sentence of imprisonment.

Loss of a driving licence can have wide ranging consequences for a young person, including not being able to get to college, or employment, and the loss of independence. It is therefore essential to ensure the best advice is received.

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