Professional Negligence

We all go to experts to help us because many years of training and experience enable them to undertake matters on our behalf we simply cannot do ourselves. Often there is complete trust and the situation is often "your life in their hands". So what happens if something goes horribly wrong - who can you turn to?

Most often this will be a Lawyer or Surveyor who has simply made a mistake - they are human and whilst few mistakes will be intentional they may be negligent in which case the law provides a remedy (compensation) to put you back in the position you would have been in if the mistake had not occurred. If your claim is against a medical professional e.g. a Doctor, GP, or Dentist then visit our Clinical Negligence page.

For example:

  • Your Surveyor may have carried out a full structural survey on the property you subsequently bought but some time later you discover the timber frame is unstable. This should have been picked up by the Surveyor and the repair costs are £30,000.
  • Your Solicitor failed to see that the strip of land near to the main road was not part of the house you were buying as described in the sale particulars. The garden was 40 feet short. The house value is £10,000 less.
  • Your house in the country has no rights through the main entrance gates and as you are not a farmer you have no right to live there.

These were real cases and a nightmare for those involved but the outcome of the action against the adviser (really their insurers) was very much better.

Free interviews and funding options to include conditional fees are available depending on the merits of the case.

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