Limitation Periods In Civil Claims

If you are thinking of pursuing a claim then you must ensure you do so within the necessary time limit set by statute. The Limitation Act 1980 outlines specific limitation periods for different types of claims. It does not cover all limitation periods and alternate statutes may define the limitation periods for other specialist claims.

If a claim is not brought within the specified timeframe this could mean the action is stature barred. This means you will be out of time and an action cannot be brought. There are some circumstances where the ordinary time limits can be subject to an extension and Fosters can provide advice in relation to the relevant limitation period that applies in your particular legal matter.

As you will see within the below list, the limitation period differs depending upon the type of claim:

Type of Claim Limitation Period
Defamation and Malicious Falsehood       1 year
Latent Damage 3 years
Personal Injury 3 years
Contract 6 years
Recovery of Rent Arrears 6 years
Enforcement of a Judgment 6 years
Debt 6 years
Negligence 6 years
Recovery of Land 12 years

If you require advice in relation to a potential claim do not delay! Feel free to contact Fosters to discuss your matter and we would be delighted to assist and provide our advice.