Injured By A Cyclist?

The recent high profile conviction of a cyclist who caused the death of a pedestrian in London casts light on a growing area of personal injury law. In particular it highlights a coverage gap in respect of personal injury actions caused by cyclists.

I will over the course of this and the following article set out how I believe the law allows a coverage gap to exist in respect of injuries caused by cyclists. The injuries can range from the minor to, on an increasing number of occasions, a fatality. Indeed a cyclist going at 20mph could potentially cause serious injuries if they collide with a fellow cyclist or pedestrian.

Whilst vehicles and employers must be insured and any prudent property owner should be insured. This means that whilst a Claimant bringing a claim against a Defendant for a road accident, and an employee for an accident at work can be assured there will be the funds there to pay compensation, the same cannot be said for individuals including cyclists who rarely have insurance in place to cover their potentially negligent acts.

Barry Grogan
Personal Injury Solicitor