Accidents At Work

Accidents at work (sometimes called Employers Liability claims) cover a wide variety of injuries caused by or as a result of your work.

They differ from Industrial Disease claims because:

  • They usually occur as a result of a one-off incident;
  • There is a definite and recognisable injury;
  • Someone connected to your Employer may be responsible.

Types Of Claim

Accidents at work take many and varied forms. They can occur because your Employer fails to follow basic rules of Health & Safety, fails to provide appropriate protective equipment or uses defective machinery. Sometimes another member of staff or a sub-contractor has failed to do their job properly.

Injuries include back problems, injuries to arms or legs, burns, or injuries to the senses.

Making A Claim

As soon as possible after the accident write down, in your own words, exactly what happened. If you think something or somebody was at fault then say so. If there were any witnesses try and obtain their names, addresses and phone numbers and, if you know them, ask them whether they would give a statement to support your claim.

Ensure that the accident including the circumstances, the date, and your injuries are put into the accident book which all Employers are duty bound to hold. Try and obtain a copy of the page about your accident.

If you did not go to hospital or to your GP at the time of the accident because you didn't think your injury was that serious but it has since become worse, see your GP as soon as your symptoms worsen, explain precisely what happened and the problems that you are now having.

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