Head Injuries

Head injuries, sometimes known as acquired brain injury, require expert advice and guidance from the start - not only to pursue a claim for compensation but to help you navigate the minefield of rehabilitation and therapy services.

Even a moderate head injury can lead to ongoing problems such as memory loss, personality changes and difficulties in your relationships. A severe head injury will be life changing.

Our expertise is recognised by Headway, the brain injury association, of whose panel of recommended solicitors we are a member (www.headway.org.uk).

Types Of Claim

A head injury can be caused in various ways and be of varying types of severity. They include traumatic brain injury as a result of a blow to the head, on the road, at work, or as the result of an assault and they can also arise as a consequence of traumatic delivery at birth.

Making A Claim

Whatever the cause of your head injury, it is important that you, or someone on your behalf, writes down a full description of what happened, the details of any witnesses, your initial treatment, and the names of those providing such treatment as soon as possible.

If the injury was caused as a result of an accident on the road, at work, or in any kind of public environment, photographs may be of assistance and again should be taken as soon as possible after the accident to give an idea of the location at the time of the accident.

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Contacting Us

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