Road Traffic Accidents

If you are injured in a road traffic accident (sometimes called a road traffic collisions) provided somebody else is at fault then you will almost certainly be able to claim compensation.

There are many different types of claim (see below) but as long as the accident occurs on a road or pavement (or possibly even private land such as a car park) and involves a vehicle, there may be a claim.

Types Of Claim

If you have been injured whilst you were riding or driving you will have a claim if someone else is at least partly to blame. The other party does not need to be another driver, motorcyclist or cyclist.

Third parties can include a Local Authority if, for example, they have failed to maintain a road or footpath or allowed your visibility to be obscured or reduced e.g. as a result of an untrimmed hedge.

Claims can also be pursued against the owners of a poorly maintained private road (provided you have a lawful right of way) and you can even claim for injuries caused by defective vehicles or objects falling from vehicles.

If you travel on public transport and suffer injury as a result of the actions of the driver or of another driver then you may have a claim.

Claims can also be pursued by passengers, pedestrians or cyclists who are knocked over by other vehicles. There may be a claim even if you do not know the details of the other driver (Untraced Drivers Claims) or that driver turns out to be uninsured (Uninsured Drivers Claims).

Making A Claim

If your claim involved another vehicle, try and obtain the driver's name and address and insurance details. If the police have been called and a third party refuses to give their details to you they must disclose them to the police.

Wherever possible ask for the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses. Witnesses do not need to be independent. A witness is still a witness even if they know or are related to you.

As soon as possible after the accident write down what happened. Include details such as the direction of travel, weather conditions and the make, model, description, speed and registration number of any vehicles. List details of your injuries.

Photographs are always helpful. If you cannot obtain photographs make a sketch or plan.

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