Stress At Work

In today's increasingly busy, intense, and 24/7 working environment claims for bullying, harassment and excessive workloads leading to stress, depression and mental breakdown are unfortunately increasing.

Whilst we all expect to be under pressure at work from time to time and whilst all Employers are under a duty to protect their Employees and to provide a safe and healthy working environment if that pressure leads to expectations of Employees fulfilling an unreasonable level of work combined with long hours and this in turn affects your health you may have a claim for stress at work.

Claims for stress at work are complex, difficult to prove, and require experienced legal expertise. Generally, you will need to prove that:

  • your Employer knew (i.e. that they were on notice) that you were under pressure/at risk of falling ill; and
  • your Employer failed to do anything to help or alleviate the source of that pressure; and
  • you suffered a breakdown or requested medical help as a result; and
  • on your return to work your Employers did nothing to change the cause of the original stress; and
  • as a result you suffered a further breakdown or illness requiring medical treatment.

Fosters are one of the few Solicitors who are able to deal with stress at work claims and one of the very few who have won such claims at trial.

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