Corporate Social Responsibility

All solicitors, support staff and professionals employed by Fosters Solicitors LLP are committed to the support and promotion of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

We dedicate time to ensure as a firm we are as socially responsible as possible. Our clients, employees and the wider community can benefit from our programme for which we have established the following five core commitments:

1. To support local charities and our community each year through a variety of activities and events.
2. To continuously develop the positive working environment in departmental, branch and in complete brand capacity.
3. Working with local businesses and brands to support our economy.
4. To identify and support the next generation alongside the talents and enthusiasms of our staff.
5. To minimise our contribution to climate change and ensure all staff are aware of how we can make a difference to our environment.

Our Commitment To Charity

At Fosters Solicitors LLP we play our part in making a difference to charities and communities that need both support and promotion locally.

All branches participate in fundraising events and support techniques through donations, in-house events, advertising, personal support and large scale local events.

We choose to support a number of charities each year whilst bi-annually holding our own Halloween fundraising Ball in Norwich. This is known as one of the largest private functions held in the area for which all funds raised go to the charities chosen. In 2016 we were proud to support The Norfolk Hospice and The Dean Cooke Foundation.

In 2017, we were pleased to support and raise funds for:

Our Commitment To Our Positive Working Environment

Fosters Solicitors LLP promote a working environment that encourages engagement with all staff and how they can make a positive difference to the success of the business.

With the company business plan available for staff and tailored departmental marketing plans produced centrally for each department, all employees feel engaged and a key part of the future successes.

The success of the business relies on the happiness of our people. This is a fundamental factor in allowing us to achieve our business goals and to gain competitive advantage. We therefore heavily promote the importance of staff benefits and recognition of individual and departmental successes throughout the firm.

With a social committee established, Fosters also recognises the importance of team building and socialising not only at work but outside of this too.

Our Commitment To Local Businesses & The Economy

Fosters Solicitors LLP and the people within this have together built long lasting and fundamental relationships with local businesses, organisations and brands. Regular networking and the creation of valuable links and partnerships all contribute to the continuous support and development of the Norfolk and Suffolk economy.

Fosters are proud to be linked with The Norfolk & Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and actively linked to a number of local institutes, associations, clubs and thriving local businesses.

Fosters Solicitors LLP also hold official partnerships with Norwich City Football Club, Lowestoft Town Football Club and The Eastern Landlord Association.

Our Commitment To The Next Generation & Our Staff

We are extremely supportive of the next generation of talent by regularly offering work experience placements, attending career fairs and school open days, summer holiday placements and to help young people gain experience in a working legal practice. We have also partnered with local charities who help young people with learning difficulties gain experience in the working world.

We offer trainee solicitor placements and are supportive of our talented staff who can through the help of further education, thrive and gain qualifications. These can both help them in their current role and can progress them in their career at Fosters Solicitors.

Our Commitment To Our Environment

With our environmental policy in place at Fosters Solicitors LLP, we understand that as a successful and growing business, we have a responsibility to carry out daily operations in a sustainable way.

Our environmental policy is provided to all new starters and available for all staff to access at any time.

We integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all our decision making activities. This includes carbon and waste reduction, use of environmentally responsible products, an ethical supply chain and green energy purchasing.

We also minimise our consumption of natural resources and manage waste through responsible disposal and the use of reuse and recycling, including paper and ink cartridges.