Equality and Diversity

Fosters Solicitors LLP is committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity in our practices, policies and procedures.

Our goal is to ensure our commitments are embedded into our day to day working practices with our partners, colleagues and clients.

Each and every member of staff has a responsibility for implementing and promoting our key commitments.

Our key commitments are:

  • To encourage diversity and eliminate unfair treatment, discrimination and harassment through a range of procedures and policies at Fosters Solicitors LLP.
  • To treat our colleagues and clients fairly and with respect.
  • To promote and create a working environment free of harassment, discrimination and bullying.
  • To recognise and value the different contributions people make to the success of the firm through their skills and abilities.
  • To provide support and encouragement to staff to develop their careers and progress the success of the firm for the benefit of all clients and stakeholders.