Intellectual Property

: intellectual property


'intangible property that is the result of creativity'

Intellectual property rights are a hugely valuable commodity to the modern business. We strive to ensure that our clients know about the potential rights they may benefit from and how these can be best protected and used, to the benefit of the business.

Our Business & Commercial team is experienced in an array of intellectual property matters and can assist you in ensuring that the rights you have cultivated over many years are suitably identified and protected.

Our team can assist, not only in the registration of, but also the licensing, assigning, sale and purchase of your intellectual property rights, including:

  • Trademarks
  • Design Rights
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Confidential Information


Our Business & Commercial Team have advised and assisted many clients in the registration of their trademarks and brand logos to ensure the goodwill and reputation they have established, is properly protected across the UK, EU or World markets.

This can be a surprisingly affordable process and on that our team is always happy to discuss in more detail.

Additionally, we advise clients if they are required either to enforce their trademarks or defend claims of trademark infringement.

Should you be interested in trademarking your business logo or mark, our fees begin at £250 + VAT (plus the Intellectual Property Office's registration fees), for which we will assess the registrability of your mark and create the application on your behalf.


Almost every tangible product your business makes has been designed in one way or another to achieve its appearance and/or to ensure it fulfils its function. Some designs can be registered and recorded in a similar way to trademarks at the Intellectual Property Office whereas others may well be protected automatically by unregistered rights.


The world of copyright is often intricate and convoluted, but our team of experts can strip through the jargon and offer you pragmatic advice regarding any copyright query you might have, whether that be the validity of the copyright within your works, or a concern you might have about infringement.

Patents & Confidentiality

If you or your business has created any inventions or innovations it is vital that you determine a strategy for protecting them. This could be done by way of application for a patent or relying on confidentiality agreements and we can work with you and a preferred patent attorney to devise the most suitable strategy for your business.

If you would like to discuss your intellectual property matter, our Business & Commercial Team can offer an initial consultation, and subsequent letter detailing the advice given, at a fixed cost of £250 + VAT.

Contacting Us

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