Internal Investigation / Professional Discipline

As a responsible Employer or Business Owner, from time to time you may identify concerns about the conduct of business practices, or that of individual Employees.

Conducting a prompt and thorough internal investigation may be helpful when serious misconduct is suspected, to enable your business to make informed decisions about the wider risk of regulatory offences, disciplinary proceedings or even police and other investigatory involvement.

What We Can Do For You

Our team of Lawyers can help shape the form of that investigation, advise on its remit and even speak formally to Employees as either witnesses to, or suspects of, the misconduct alleged.

Placing your investigation in the hands of our experienced team means you have peace of mind knowing it will be

  • independent and impartial;
  • utilise the skills developed through years of experience being involved in investigations, collecting and assessing evidence and in obtaining evidence through questions;
  • be conducted in a time critical but sensitive manner;
  • result in a written report detailing the conclusions reached for you to make informed decisions about the next step.

We will do everything we can to ensure that we obtain the best possible outcome for you. That is why we have become the Solicitors of choice for so many clients who rely on our depth of expertise and discretion.

Free, No Obligation Quote

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Contacting Us

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