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Am I Guilty Even Though I Did Not Know The Rules?

Not knowing the law does not provide a defence. This normally arises when people are charged with failing to stop, or failing to report an accident. Not knowing your obligations does not provide a defence, although it may provide mitigation.

Can You Save My Driving Licence?

It will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the offence, whether you have any points on your licence. In some circumstances we may be able to try and persuade the Court to take a course of action which would save your licence. Please contact us to discuss.

Do I Need A Solicitor At Court?

A solicitor may not be able to save your licence, however it is always worth having a solicitor to look at the evidence, and advise you on the law, and your options. It may be that there are some special reasons, or exceptional circumstances which would enable the solicitor to persuade the Court or the prosecution to take an unusual course of action.

I Thought It Was 12 Points Before You Were Disqualified?

For new drivers the limit is 6 points. At this stage it is the DVLA who revoke your licence, back to being a learner driver. You are not disqualified by the Court, and as soon as you have passed your test once again, and obtained your licence back, you may start driving.