Family Mediation

We offer a mediation service in Norfolk and in Suffolk to couples coping with the breakdown of their relationship who wish to work together in a series of meetings with a family mediator to sort out their future arrangements.

Mediation is ideal for people who cannot live together but still need to be able to communicate in a neutral and calm way.

You do not necessarily have to meet. The mediation can be together or in separate rooms, whichever is most appropriate.

For those willing to commit to working to achieve solutions, mediation can be fast and cost-effective achieving a huge saving in legal costs.

Problems for discussion might include arrangements to do with children, housing, money, pensions and so on.

Mediation can also be used to resolve other disputes such as difficulties between relatives perhaps over children or an inheritance.

We offer an introductory session which can be joint or separate, whichever you would prefer. Then if each party and the Mediator decide that mediation might be helpful we plan from there.

If you start using mediation and then change your mind you can stop whenever you choose.

All our Mediators are also Solicitors with many years experience in Family Law.

Family Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting Us

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