Construction Disputes

We recognise that construction projects are often technical and complex, even those that seem straightforward can generate disputes that can have a significant impact on contractors, subcontractors and customers alike. We understand that construction disputes can often involve a number of parties adopting conflicting positions over the same issues, meaning clear-thinking expertise that focuses on the relevant issues is paramount.

In the Fosters' Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, we work with clients at an early stage in an effort to resolve disputes with as little disruption as possible to business for commercial clients and in a way the customers we represent again can sleep at night. Where litigation is unavoidable, we represent clients in the High Court, County Court, at Tribunals, at arbitration/mediation and within adjudication. In complex cases that require expert input from outside the firm, we work closely with carefully selected, skilled barristers and industry recognised experts.

We are transparent about costs and whenever possible we look to recover them on your behalf.

Initial Consultation

We offer initial consultations to new clients at significantly reduced rates. We follow up on face-to-face advice in writing. Our aim is to give you the perspective you need to make an informed decision about how to move forward. We are happy to have an initial phone discussion (without obligation on you) to ascertain how best we can assist.

What we offer

Our experienced and skilled litigators will support and guide you through the dispute resolution process in a professional manner. We focus on resolving disputes quickly and proportionately without the need to resort to the expense of litigation if it can be avoided. If a court ordered remedy is the only realistic solution, we will ensure you get the advice and assistance you need.

We will listen to you and work out what you want to achieve. We aim to deliver your objective in a way you understand, one that offers commercial value and that will allow you to move on.

We represent clients in a variety of matters using carefully selected barristers and a range of trusted experts to assist in case investigation.

Contacting Us

Fosters Solicitors Team of Litigation Lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you in relation to any legal query or matter you may have. Call us on 01603 620508 or complete our and a member of the department will be in touch very soon.