Understanding Your Intellectual Property Rights

: intellectual property

"intangible property that is the result of creativity"

Fosters Solicitors recognises that intellectual property rights are more often than not a hugely valuable commodity to the success of a business.

Traditionally, you might associate "intellectual property" with the copyright inherent in an author's book, or the trade mark ™ of a world wide organisation, but rights can be found in a wide variety of works, products or the business from which they are developed, and is now a key area of interest for UK businesses.

When one designs, crafts and releases works, products or brands into the public sphere which benefit from intellectual property rights as a result of the creativity and work of an individual or team of individuals, our Business & Commercial team appreciate the importance of identifying and protecting those rights from inappropriate and unwarranted commercial exploitation.

Brexit is an overwhelming thought for most, and one which is likely to have an immeasurable effect on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights following the UK's exit from the EEA (whenever that may in fact be).

Commentary and guidance published by the government, although sparse, currently makes reference to the continued protection of all existing registered European Union Trade Marks, Registered Community Designs, and Unregistered Community Designs via comparable rights in the UK following Brexit, be it with or without a deal.

If you are at all uncertain whether or not you benefit from intellectual property rights and consequently their need to be registered within the EU and UK, our team can assist in advising upon and protecting your copyright, trade mark or design rights, whilst offering ongoing commercially driven and practical advice to provide you with the sought after security and peace of mind that your intellectual property rights deserve.