Until Debt Tear Us Apart


There is an old adage that problems usually arrive in threes and it is generally true that debt problems rarely occur in isolation. Family issues often become entwined in a person's financial difficulties - sometimes as the cause, such as divorce settlements, but most frequently as the result, particularly when the family home is at risk of being sold to satisfy creditors. The strain of dealing with debt can also stretch relationships to breaking point, adding an additional complicating factor to an already tricky financial situation.

Understandably it can be difficult for a debtor to separate these issues in order to deal with them effectively, with the judgment-clouding emotional impact of familial concerns usually taking centre stage. However, it almost goes without saying that, the most effective way to ensure debt problems are handled to best effect is to identify and apply specific tailored strategies to each of the issues involved. Addressing such intertwined, emotionally-loaded issues can be difficult for a debtor to deal with objectively which is where input from an insolvency specialist can really help.

If your debt problems are threatening to tear you apart, our insolvency team offers specialised, practical advice tailored to an individual's specific circumstances.

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