Dash Cam Footage Causes Havoc For Traffic Offenders

It may not be 'Big Brother' watching you, but it seems that everyone on the road has their cameras ready to record and report real or perceived offences as the police announce that 500 videos from dash-cams and other similar devices have been submitted to them as "evidence" of motoring offences in the last 12 months.

Norfolk police launched a form on their website last year enabling members of the public to upload their footage. This has been a great success, possibly due to the simplicity of submitting the footage.

In June 2017, dash-cam footage supplied by members of the public using the online form assisted in 33 prosecutions for motoring offences and 15 warning letters being issued, helping to punish those guilty of dangerous driving including the use of mobile phones whilst at the wheel. The clips so far have caught examples of dangerous driving, motorcyclists on pavements, use of mobile phones when driving, and the most common report of all: cars passing too close to cyclists on the road.

The police force is praising this new found method of catching traffic offenders. But dash cam footage can raise its own issues. There may be issues of identification of the vehicle or driver, or the continuity of the footage itself, meaning cases are not as straightforward as they may first seem.

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