Norfolk Police Launch Their Drink-Driving Christmas Campaign

Damien Moore, a Crime & Business Defence Solicitor, Partner and Deputy Head of the Crime & Business Defence Department at Fosters Solicitors in Norwich, was interviewed on BBC Radio Norfolk on Monday 3rd December regarding drink driving.

Norfolk Police are launching their Drink/Drug Driving Christmas Campaign in support of the national drink-driving operation with the hashtag #NotTheUsualSuspects. The campaign launched on 1st December and will run until January - any driver who is stopped due to concerns over the manner of their driving, a vehicle defect, or is involved in a collision, in this period will be breathalysed. During last year's campaign more than 3,000 drivers were tested with 152 drivers providing positive readings in total for both Norfolk and Suffolk.

Commenting on drink/drug-driving Mr Moore said, " Let's be clear on this: anyone going to court pleading guilty or convicted of drink driving, the sanction is they will be disqualified from driving. The court has no discretion about this whatsoever. The higher the alcohol reading in your system, the longer the disqualification will be and for anyone producing a very high reading, court can think of custody."

When discussing the custodial sentence, Damien Moore explained that maximum powers of the magistrate's court are six months but the starting point for a high reader convicted of drink driving is around 12 weeks.

Norfolk Police launch their Christmas Campaign with the hashtag #NotTheUsualSuspects and message that not all drink-drivers this Christmas will be young men. Commenting on the change in trend, Mr Moore said, "I think the young male stereotype still holds very true but we are definitely seeing a cross section of people, more females, more professional people those that are going out drinking at lunchtime, to networking events, particularly this time of year taking that risk."

Time slots at Norwich and Ipswich Magistrates' Courts have been reserved to deal with those caught drink or drug driving during the Christmas Campaign. This effectively means that offenders could now lose their licence within 24 hours of being breathalysed whilst facing additional fines.

Should you require court representation for drink or drug driving, Damien and our team of advocates at Fosters are highly experienced lawyers and will be able to provide you with quality representation at every stage of your case. Please get in touch on 01603 620508 or and one of our Solicitors in Norwich will be in contact soon.