A Woman In Taiwan Is Allowed To Divorce Her Husband Who Ignored Her Messages

A wife in Taiwan has been granted a divorce from her husband on the basis that he had been ignoring her. She used the "read" indicators on her messages as proof that he had ignored her. The woman was able to show that he had opened the text messages but did not reply to any of them. A judge ruled in her favour, granting a divorce, last month. The judge said that the ignored messages were key evidence of the woman's marriage being beyond repair, and ruled that she was therefore entitled to a divorce.

Over an approximately six month period, the woman sent her husband several messages, including one informing him she had been admitted to hospital following a car accident. She told her husband in one message that she was in the emergency department. She asked him why he only read her messages and did not reply, but again he did not respond.

The woman's husband did visit her in hospital once, but the court found that his subsequent ignoring of her messages was grounds for divorce and that the couple's marriage was therefore beyond repair.

The woman's husband did send her one message a month or so after her accident, concerning arrangements for their dog and to advise her that there was post for her at the address. The judge noted the husband did not show any concern for the woman.

The court noted that there were other difficulties in the marriage, but it was the lack of responses to the woman's text messages that were the final straw.

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