The Unprecedented Rise In Childcare Cases

Sounding the alarm over the state of the overburdened family court system, Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division commented that the family courts are having to 'run up a down escalator' to keep pace with the rise in childcare cases.

The number of 'public law' applications for care or supervisions orders made by Local Authorities across England and Wales has risen by about 25% with care proceedings now taking on average around 33 weeks to complete as opposed to the recommended 26 weeks. Equally, the number of 'private law' applications made by parents in respect to their children has also risen to an all-time high with around 53,164 applications lodged in the last year.

It is suggested that those cases that do not involve domestic violence or raise no concerns about the safety of a child should be resolved using mediation or dispute resolution.

A consultation into the state of the system has commenced and will conclude on the 30 September 2019.

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