Announcing Fosters' Charity Of The Year 2019

Fosters Solicitors LLP are delighted to be supporting It's On The Ball, a small, local charity as our Charity of the Year 2019.

The It's On The Ball aims to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer by distributing leaflets; giving talks in colleges, universities and businesses; as well as attending various health and well-being events. The charity also provides a buddy system for newly diagnosed patients and their families and offer financial support on a case by case basis. This puts people who have recently been diagnosed in touch with one of the charity's members who has been through it themselves - they can then meet up for a coffee or have a chat over the phone to talk about their experience and what they did to cope through the process.

Working with this charity, Fosters' aim is to spread awareness of Testicular Cancer to its staff and by extension their family members - showing everyone what to look out for, and trying to encourage people to see the discussion of testicular cancer as less of a 'taboo' subject.

Throughout the year we will be raising funds with Dress Down Days, Bake Off Fridays and Staff Quiz Nights, while hopefully having lots of fun along the way. We very much look forward to having Vince, a representative at It's On The Ball, in for a talk with our staff in the coming weeks to kick start our involvement with the charity for the year.

We are very excited to be getting to work together with It's On The Ball this year and look forward to raising awareness and money for the charity.