Online Services or The Personal Touch- Choosing your Solicitor

With a bewildering and increasing number of options when it comes to choosing legal advice it has never been more important to decide what you want from your solicitor.

Online service options are continuing to grow as is their popularity. The latest tracker survey shows an increase from 21% of users in 2011 to 33% in 2019. Changing consumer needs are reflected in increasingly innovative legal services. The most commonly used online legal services include conveyancing and will writing.

However, this has not been completely at the expense of face-to-face services which remain the most popular choice and has remained stable over the same period at 45% of users.

Factors which consumers consider when choosing a solicitor include price and users are encouraged to shop around choose a legal provider. However, only 28% of users currently do this when choosing their provider.

Another factor is satisfaction with the level of service. If this is the most important factor to you when deciding a solicitor, you are most likely to receive that from a solicitor with a personal endorsement as such solicitors receive 88% consumer satisfaction compared with online services, which rate only 78% consumer satisfaction.

There is no doubt the legal online service industry is evolving and will continue to do so. However, there will always be a market for a more personal approach and it currently remains the choice of the majority when choosing legal services.

At Fosters Solicitors LLP, we offer cost effective, expert legal advice. Our team of solicitors have spent many years successfully representing clients across a wide variety of legal issues. We also meet our clients and are in regular contact during the course of the matter.

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