How To Evict A Troublesome Tenant

Earlier this year, parents of a 30 year old man in the US commenced court proceedings in an effort to force their son to move out. Whilst this seems drastic, it seems likely they were left with no other option. Many landlords are similarly stuck with difficult tenants and forced to take legal action by way of a possession claim.

Evicting a tenant is often necessary and can seem complicated. There are strict procedures to follow depending on a number of factors including the type of tenancy agreement and the proper grounds for eviction.

A brief overview of the eviction process can be summarised as follows:

  1. Serving Notice

    Tenants are entitled to written notice requiring them to leave a property. The type of notice used and the length of notice period specified will depend on the type of tenancy agreement and the reason for eviction.

  2. The Possession Claim

    If the tenant refuses to leave on the date specified in the notice, a landlord can apply to the court for a possession order. If you are not claiming unpaid rent (arrears) and have a written tenancy agreement in place, you might be able to use the accelerated possession procedure which is a paper exercise and so quicker than the standard procedure that will involve a court hearing.

  3. The Possession Order

    If an order is made, the tenant is usually ordered to leave the property by the date set out in the order about 14 days after the order is made.

  4. Enforcement - The Warrant For Execution Of The Possession Order

    If the tenant does not vacate the property by the date specified in the order, you can apply for a warrant of possession which gives court bailiffs authority to remove your tenant from the property, possibly with police officers in attendance.

  5. How Fosters Can Help You

    If you have a troublesome tenant you must evict, Fosters Solicitors LLP can assist, offering a full service.

    The Litigation and Dispute Resolution team advises and assists on the procedure from start to finish, so from service of notice to enforcement.

    Contacting Us

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