Victims Let Down By Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

A recent review of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) by the Government's Victims' Commissioner, Baroness Newlove, found the scheme was not only complicated for victims to use but forced them to relive the trauma for which they were seeking compensation. The review also discovered that 60% of criminal injury victims were unaware they were even entitled to claim compensation.

Some victims found the process so stressful they simply gave up and failed to obtain anything for their injuries. It is small wonder therefore that those who have suffered injury through crime turn to a solicitor for help to navigate the difficult and distressing process of claiming compensation.

If you have suffered injury or loss as a result of a crime you may be entitled to compensation under CICS. If you would like to discuss your circumstances on a free no obligation basis please speak to one of our personal injury team. We can be contacted on 0800 731 8539, or