What Happens In Vegas Doesn't Necessarily Stay In Vegas

Employers have long been held liable for the acts of their employees but, as the recent case of Bellman v Northampton Recruitment Ltd [2018] demonstrates, this is not necessarily limited to the workplace.

In Bellman, after the office Christmas party had finished, a group of employees led by the Managing Director went to a hotel to continue celebrating. When Bellman questioned the MD's decision to employ another sales manager, the MD took exception and assaulted him.

Despite the fact the assault took place away from work, the Court of Appeal held that the nature of the MD's job meant he had a very wide remit without set hours and that he was effectively attempting to exercise managerial control when he assaulted Bellman. As a result, Northampton Recruitment Ltd was held to be vicariously liable for the MD's actions and ordered to compensate Bellman.

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