Cyclist Breaks Jaw After Hitting Pothole

A recent press report described how a cyclist suffered severe facial injuries and a fractured spine after being thrown from his bike after hitting a pothole in Buckinghamshire.

Simon Moss was left needing metal plates in his face to repair his broken, cheek, jaw, and nose following the incident in which he also lost four teeth.

The pothole was inspected only 3 days prior to the incident, and was said to be 23cm (9in) deep. Milton Keynes council's own guidance states that any defect more than 7.5cm (3in) deep is "made safe within 2 or 24 hours based on risk assessment".

This incident, among many others, could have been avoided had the council's own guidelines been followed.

The failure to do so comes at a time of growing public concern for the safety of all road users. Government figures show that defective roads have contributed to the deaths or serious injuries of 390 cyclists in the past decade.

An investigation by The Times concluded that due to a lack of funds councils are avoiding mending even large potholes.

Commenting on the situation Stephen Green, Partner and Head of Personal Injury at Fosters, stated "this is another one of those situations where budget cuts and a lack of funding are putting both cyclists and car drivers in danger whilst breaching the duty of care owed to all road users by local authorities".

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