Delay To Whiplash Reforms Welcomed by Personal Injury Solicitors

Recent press reports have confirmed that proposed reforms of the law relating to whiplash injuries and other 'small claims' have been deferred until April 2020.

The reforms, which effectively set up a lawyer-less small claims system by increasing the small claims limit to £5,000 for Road Traffic injuries, and £3,000 for work and slipping and tripping accidents, had been heavily criticised by personal injury solicitors, consumer groups, and some judges.

The House of Commons Justice select committee had already called for the plans to be ditched - calls swiftly rejected by the Ministry of Justice, who none the less acknowledge that the changes will 'fundamentally transform' how low value claims are handled.

Commenting on the report, Stephen Green, Head of Personal Injury at Fosters Solicitors said "The delay in the reforms will be welcomed by many; however, the fact that these reforms are still set to go ahead is greatly concerning. By removing the need for solicitors, people who have suffered injury will be deprived of advice from a legal professional and could miss out on the correct level of damages".

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