Disability Demands Higher Standard Of Care

The tragic case of Guiseppe 'Joe' Ulleri highlights the vulnerability of people with disabilities to negligent care.

Joe was born with Down's Syndrome and led a very active life but after suffering a fall was taken to hospital. A catalogue of mistakes followed, including failing initially to identify fractures in his neck, wrist and hip. He was also deprived of nutrition for at least 10 days while medics debated how to feed Joe when he struggled to receive food via a nasogastric tube. By the time Joe's family had persuaded the hospital to insert a feeding tube directly into his stomach, Joe was already very weak and he died from aspiration pneumonia, caused by inhaling food and stomach acid into his lungs.

Joe was totally reliant on others to provide his care as he lacked the ability to communicate his needs himself. His vulnerability should have led to a higher degree of care; instead Joe was allowed to suffer and die in silence.

If you or a loved one have suffered loss or injury following inappropriate or inadequate medical treatment whether or not due to a disability you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation. If you would like to discuss your circumstance on a free no obligation basis please speak to one of our clinical negligence team. We can be contacted on 0800 731 8539, or