Government Pours Cold Water On Cold Call Ban

Personal Injury solicitors have reacted with dismay to the news that the Government is likely to pass up on another opportunity to ban cold calling for accident claims - those unwanted and uninvited calls and texts we all get asking if we have been involved in an accident and if we would like to pursue a claim.

The Financial Guidance and Claims Bill currently going through Parliament includes powers, added by the House of Lords, giving the Secretary of State authority to ban this irritating and intrusive practice.

Whilst Work and Pensions Secretary, Ester McVey, acknowledged that there was overwhelming support for the amendment in the House of Lords and reiterated that the Government is committed to banning cold calling for pensions she refused to say whether such a ban would be extended to Injury Claims Management Companies.

Steve Green, Head of Personal Injury at Fosters Solicitors comments "solicitors' firms have long called for a ban on cold calling. It is an invidious practice which does nothing for genuine accident victims and only adds fuel to the insurance companies' call for greater restrictions on the range of injuries that can be claimed for and the costs that can be recovered for doing so. I would fully support such a ban and would add that it also needs to be properly and rigidly enforced."

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