Government Set To Offer Inquests For Stillbirths

The Government is considering proposals which aim to cut the substantial number of baby deaths in Britain.

Britain has one of the highest stillbirth rates in Western Europe, with more than 3,000 stillborn babies a year.

Currently, coroners are only able to order inquests into babies who were alive outside the womb, leaving parents of stillborn babies feeling unheard and frustrated that lessons are not being learned.

Under the Government's proposals which are currently out for consultation, any infant who dies at 'full term' could be referred to coroners by families or medical staff.

This would enable bereaved families to have both their voices heard and allow lessons to be learned to help prevent future stillbirths.

Commenting on the proposals, Marianne Harrington, Inquest Specialist at Fosters said "I welcome the government's proposals to allow inquests to be heard in relation to stillbirths. The current rate of stillbirths in Britain is too high. Encouraging inquests is a first step in reducing this figure, whilst allowing bereaved parents to have their voices heard at what is already a difficult time."

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