NHS Failings Causing Hundreds Of Infant Deaths Each Year

A recent report in The Times revealed that NHS failings are believed to be the cause why hundreds of babies, born from multiple pregnancies, die before they are a month old.

A 2013 guidance paper published by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), found that twins are two to three times more likely to die at birth than babies born from single pregnancies.

NICE responded to this alarming discovery by releasing guidance for medical professionals specifically concerning the risks faced by women with multiple baby pregnancies.

If followed correctly, these guidelines have proven very effective in reducing such deaths by up to 20%. However, only 58% of the major maternity wards appear to follow the advice - with the percentage even lower in smaller wards where the guidelines are followed by only 39%.

Of the £2.2 billion the NHS paid out in clinical negligence claims last year half related to errors during birth - highlighting the need for better training to improve the standards of care on maternity wards.

Commenting on the report, David Gabell, Associate and Clinical Negligence Specialist at Fosters Solicitors said: "It is worrying to see these failures to follow procedure are having such tragic consequences. Soon-to-be parents should feel comfortable having their children delivered in our NHS wards, but instead they are facing a 'lucky dip' over the standard of care provided."

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