Pret A Manger To Take Action After Allergy Death

The Times reports how Pret A Manger have stated they will now list ingredients on their sandwiches following the public criticism they received following the death of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse from an allergic reaction to ingredients in one of their sandwiches in 2016.

Natasha purchased the sandwich prior to boarding a flight to Nice, unaware that there were substantial amounts of sesame seeds in the dough of the bread, as they were not listed on the packaging as an allergen.

A loophole in the law exempts sandwiches assembled "on site" from the need to be individually labelled with allergen information.

West London coroner's court criticised the sandwich makers for its 'inadequate' labelling, and the government has since stated they are "urgently" reviewing food safety and labelling laws to ensure consumers are kept safe.

Commenting on the situation, Stephen Green, Partner and Head of Personal Injury at Fosters said "it is a great shame it has taken such tragic circumstances for the government to review the failings in the law for those with severe food allergies. Hopefully, this will do more to protect consumers".

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