Queuing Is No Laughing Matter

Britons may be renowned for their ability to queue but with hospital waiting lists for elective and cancer treatment growing by 1.5 million in just over 5 years it is not a joking matter.

A recent report by the National Audit Office (NAO), identified not only longer waiting lists but a massive 245% increase in the number of those waiting more than 18 weeks to be treated while the corresponding increase in those receiving treatment rose by less than 10%. Aside from the frustration and worry for patients this also means they may fail to get timely treatment, impacting on their likelihood of recovery.

The NAO estimates that delays and misdiagnoses have already cost the NHS £600m and, without significant investment to reduce waiting times, this is likely to increase although the real cost is the impact on the lives of patients who either receive their treatment too late or not at all.

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