The Hazards Of A Haircut

Visiting the hairdresser would hardly seem to be a hazardous past-time, but a recent court case shows there can be more to fear than just receiving a bad haircut.

When financier Sarina Saul-Hassam went for her regular wash and blow-dry the last thing she expected to receive was a burn to the middle of her forehead. However, while blow-drying her hair, the stylist negligently allowed the extremely hot drier to come into contact with Ms Saul-Hassam's skin, causing a prominent and discomforting burn. Fortunately, the burn eventually healed without leaving a scar, but not before Ms Saul-Hassam had suffered considerable distress and embarrassment, which the court acknowledged by awarding damages of over £2,000.

Whether it is a hairdresser, barber, beautician or masseur, most people place their trust in them and their skills without a second thought. However, many of the tools and techniques of these occupations can be dangerous if used or applied incorrectly, as Ms Saul-Hassam's case demonstrates.

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