Young Girl Awarded £19 Million Compensation For Brain Damage

A recent article in The Times reported how a nine-year-old girl was awarded record damages of £19 million by the NHS after receiving negligent treatment at King's College Hospital in London that resulted in her sustaining severe lifelong brain damage.

The nine-year-old was born suffering from severe jaundice, and it was claimed that there was a negligent delay in giving her the blood transfusion she needed and had doctors acted swiftly she would have escaped permanent injury.

Unfortunately, the negligence meant she was left with catastrophic brain damage. Sir Robert Francis stated in the High Court that "she would have led a very promising life indeed" had it not been for the negligence of the Doctors.

The compensation reflects the enormous difficulties she will face throughout her life given that she still has a very long life expectancy.

Commenting on the matter Stephen Green, Partner and Head of Clinical Negligence at Fosters Solicitors, stated "this is another case that highlights how devastating a negligent act by treating Doctors can be. This little girl has suffered serious permanent injury due to the negligence of those said to be treating her. Although the compensation will not turn back the clock it will help fund the special care and attention she will require for the rest of her life".

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