Got A Low Cost Quote? Read Our Guide To 'Budget' Conveyancing And Other Legal Services

We live in a world of consumer choice, where competition hopefully means clients can make the best choice for them from a range of competitive prices. But have you ever wondered why one quote you may have received from a law firm for services like conveyancing, wills or family law advice may seem so much lower than ALL the others?

Well here's our Guide to Choosing Legal Services at the price that's right for you, and that gives you the peace of mind that the some of the most important personal and financial decisions you make are backed by the right advice...

Tip 1

Who is your quote actually from?

Check the history of the firms you approach. Believe it or not, firms that have the words 'conveyancing', 'legal', 'law', or even 'lawyers', may not be firms of Solicitors. Whilst there are many great legal executives, licensed conveyancers and paralegals who are able to help you, if the firms they work for are not regulated by the SRA or equivalent body, it may mean that Business doesn't have to comply with the same rules about things like insurance or professional competence. All Solicitors firms are required to provide high levels of insurance cover, protecting you against anything that may need resolution in the future.

Make sure you trust the history and track record of the firms you approach. Fosters began life as a firm of Solicitors back in 1761 and we remain one of the oldest recognised firms in the country, with over 250 years of offering legal services.

Tip 2

What Quality Standards are they signed up to?

Not having that insurance mentioned above, or not signing up to audited quality of service marks like the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS), Wills & Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) or the Lexcel mark for excellence in legal services all reduce the running costs of the firms out there - has that meant they can make their "low cost conveyancing quote" cheaper than everyone else's?

Look for the logos for the schemes mentioned above on the website when you ask for quotes. As members of all those schemes (and more) you will find them displayed on Fosters website. If other firms do not, then they may not be able to act for you and any mortgage lender - this can add time and further expense.

Tip 3

Is the price quoted the TOTAL cost?

Quotes will often take many different forms. Some will include breakdowns of the additional fees you may have to pay to third parties (in conveyancing, things like Stamp Duty, Local Authority searches etc), but others will not. Those things (known as 'disbursements') can amount to significant amounts, so could that account for the difference in quote? Will there be additional fees for the solicitor along the way?

Always ask for a total price where possible and for a breakdown of those costs - this will allow you to properly compare all of the costs associated with your matter and be completely clear what part of it represents legal fees.

At Fosters, services like our Conveyancing Quote Online are broken down line by line and provided with a comprehensive Guide to Conveyancing.

Choosing your legal adviser is not the mysterious and complex process some firms would like you to believe - in many respects it is like any other purchase. You must choose the advice at the right price to you, and based on the opinion you form of those you approach. We are all used to making purchases, where sometimes the low cost option is the best.

But as consumers, we also now understand that sometimes a low cost option is that price for a reason. Making that decision when it comes to buying or selling your most expensive asset, or when ensuring those you care for are looked after in the future is different to some of the other choices we make. At Fosters, we believe in making that decision as easy as possible for you.

To obtain a quote on any of the services we offer, please call us on 01603 620508.