Case Study: Why Do I Need Lasting Powers Of Attorney?

The following case study demonstrates how important preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) is.

Before going through the circumstances with Roger, Jo hadn't ever heard of anything like Lasting Powers of Attorney to know that they could have saved themselves a little of the trouble and frustration they faced dealing with Roger's long term illness.

Having the documents in place would have made Roger's illness much easier for them to understand and manage.


Roger was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder in 1999, four years after his marriage to Jo. He underwent two chemotherapy treatments, however they were unfortunately unsuccessful. After the chemotherapy was unsuccessful, the next line of attack was clostridium botulinum through a catheter directly into Roger's bladder on a weekly basis. The treatments left Roger feeling weak and ill from recurring infections.

Why Did They Need An LPA?

To find out what was going on and why the treatments weren't working, the doctors performed cystoscopy operations. After Roger's appointments, Jo would go to the hospital staff and ask if anything had been found or if there was any news at all - she was informed they could not disclose the information and she would have to ask her husband. Roger was still drowsy from the anaesthetic and unable to pass on the information given to him by the doctors as he did not understand or remember what he had been told.

Three years before Roger's passing, the hospital gave him the all clear, informing Roger and Jo that they had cured his cancer. Following this news Roger suffered constantly from infections resulting in trips to the hospital that did not leave Jo any the wiser to her husband's condition. While the hospital may have been doing right by their patient by not disclosing any information, they were not doing right by his wife. Jo requested any bad news to be given in a joint appointment, however on the occasions this was arranged the hospital staff gave Roger the news before Jo had come into the appointment and he was unable to explain what they had told him.

Roger's bladder cancer had not been cured; it had spread to his kidneys. The only way forward from here was to have both of his kidneys removed and go onto dialysis. Speaking with Jo after Roger passed away, she said she wished they had known about Lasting Powers of Attorney from the start so they could have planned.

How Could An LPA Have Helped?

We believe everyone, whether they are in good health or not, should have an LPA in place as it is impossible to predict the future.

There are two different types of LPA available: a Financial & Property LPA and a Health & Welfare LPA. In Jo and Roger's situation they would have needed the Health & Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney. Having the documents in place would have made the process much easier for Roger and Jo; the doctors would have been able to explain their findings and the situation to both of them, then Jo would have been able to explain to Roger in a way that he would have understood.

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