Fatal Accident Claims

Losing a loved one, whether a spouse, partner or a child, is always devastating and bringing a claim for compensation is likely to be the last thing on your mind.

However, if your spouse or partner was also the main breadwinner or you were reliant on them for childcare or you have lost a child because of the negligence of another, you may need to pursue a claim. Sometimes, an Inquest will be needed. If it is, we can also help with that.

Types of Claim

Whether caused by a road accident, an accident at work, industrial disease or medical negligence we are able to support you whilst you come to terms with the loss of your loved one and help you to obtain compensation for lost income, injury and even funeral costs.

Free Initial Consultation

We understand that you will want to be represented by experienced Solicitors. To help you make an informed decision we offer a "no obligation, free of charge" first meeting at any of our offices throughout East Anglia, at your home or in hospital.

What we can do for you

In addition to helping you to pursue a claim for compensation we can support and represent you if there is an Inquest. In addition, if there are any criminal proceedings against the person or persons responsible we can advise about that process as well.

Contacting Us

Fosters Solicitors Team of Personal Injury Lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you in relation to any legal query or matter you may have. Call us on 01603 620508 or complete our and a member of the department will be in touch very soon.