Slipping & Tripping Accidents

If you have suffered an injury as a result of slipping, tripping or falling in a shop, office or even walking down the street, you may be able to claim compensation if the accident was not your fault. You have the right to expect that any public place (or even a private building or home) should be safe from slippery or defective surfaces.

Types Of Claim

Common causes of such claims include broken paving slabs, uneven ground or objects protruding from the pavement. Maintenance of a public road or footpath is usually the responsibility of the Local Authority.

Tripping accidents can also occur at work. Whether you slipped on a liquid or substance which should not have been there; fell over an obstruction in a walkway; or tripped on an uneven surface you may have a claim. Even if the accident was due to a fellow Employee, your Employer can still be held responsible. Your Employer is responsible for the actions of their Employees and for ensuring that they follow proper health and safety procedures to keep the workplace free from hazards.

You may also be able to claim if you are in a supermarket, restaurant or a shop and you slip on a wet surface or trip over an obstruction.

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What We Can Do For You

Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge across a wide range of slipping and tripping claims and cases. We understand the impact these accidents can have on your day-to-day life and your future. Our approach is efficient, prompt and knowledgeable; we assess problems and identify solutions as quickly as possible to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion with a minimum of fuss.

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