Surgical Error

Going into hospital to have an operation, whether that is for a planned operation or in the case of an emergency, is a highly stressful and worrying time for patients and their loved ones.

The majority of NHS and Private operations are performed to a high standard; however, there are times when surgery does not go to plan and the patient can be left with life changing injuries.

Whilst every operation poses a varying degree of risk, surgical error should not be a risk that you have to account for.

Surgical error can have devastating consequences for the patient, and common examples include injuring a nerve during surgery, leaving a piece of surgical equipment inside a patient, or failing to provide adequate aftercare following an operation resulting in infection or a blood clot, for example.

Not every surgery that results in complications due to negligence; you must show that the standard of treatment you were given fell so low that no other reasonably competent surgeon would deem the treatment you were given to be reasonable.

Our specialist team have a wide range of experience in handling medical negligence claims for surgical error and can help you gain the compensation you deserve.

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