Surveys & Valuations

Although your Lender (if applicable) will have the property valued for its own purposes, you may wish to consider instructing your own qualified Surveyor and Valuer to advise you as to the condition of the property and the reasonableness or otherwise of the purchase price.

Even if you are not having a mortgage it is advisable to consider having a survey as, if you buy the property, you will be purchasing it subject to any physical defects which there may be and which will not be covered within our investigations. The types of inspection are:


Unless you specify to your Lender which survey you want when you submit your mortgage application, the lender will merely arrange a valuation. This type of inspection is conducted to establish whether the property you wish to buy will be adequate security for the amount of the mortgage. The report will not necessarily reveal sufficient information about the property to allow you to make a reasoned judgment as to whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

Home Buyers Report

This option represents a compromise between a Lender's valuation and a full structural survey. Usually a Lender will agree (for an additional fee) to instruct its Surveyor to undertake this survey at the same time as the valuation is prepared to save you time and expense.

Full Structural Survey

This option is the only one which will reveal the true state and condition of the entire property (subject to any specialist inspection which the Surveyor may recommend) and the option which is recommended by us.

Structural Engineers Report

This is a highly specialised report and is frequently advised where a Surveyor has found evidence of structural problems at the property.

Land Survey

We should be provided with a plan of the property and we will forward this to you as soon as it is received by us. It is important that you check to see the boundaries on the plan correspond to their positions on the ground.

Whether or not a plan is provided, we cannot vouch that the acreage of land you believe to be acquiring corresponds precisely to that which may be mentioned in deeds relating to the property and/or Estate Agents' particulars of sale. If you have any queries or concerns whatsoever in this respect, we advise you to contact your Surveyor and instruct them to take precise measurements and report to you.

It is most important that you correctly identify the whole property that you intend to purchase and you should be satisfied that any plan we provide and descriptions are correct.

If you have any specific queries in respect of the type of survey or valuation to have carried out, please contact the Surveyor/Valuer direct. We will be happy to help you with any legal aspects referred to in your survey result.

Contacting Us

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