Trading Standards

Trading Standards investigations can cover a wide range of allegations including:

  • Mis-Selling Of Products Or Services;
  • Fair Trading;
  • Animal Welfare;
  • Consumer Rights;
  • Trade Dispute Offences;
  • Food Safety And Labelling;
  • Supply Of Age Restricted Products;
  • Sales Practices;
  • Trademark And Copyright Offences;

Consequences for breaches of the legislation can be devastating in terms of penalties, consumer confidence in your business and the reputation of the business and key staff within it..

From formal cautions to fines and imprisonment, the risk to you and your business means that the best possible advice from the outset is needed to protect your interests.

Fosters has developed a national reputation for successfully representing our clients in these complex situations mentioned above.


Seeking legal advice as soon as you are aware of any allegation against you is extremely important. The steps Fosters can take on your behalf can shape the way in which the investigation against you proceeds.

By helping you with your defence strategy from the outset, we can deal with the preliminary issues, attend interviews with you and negotiate with Trading Standards if a prosecution can possibly be avoided.


If the case does proceed to Court, Fosters will help throughout with the preparation of your case. Our team of Solicitors have significant experience and success in dealing with large scale Trading Standards prosecutions.

Contacting Us

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