Back in 2020, we consulted with our staff about what working for Fosters means to them and what they want our firm to stand for.

We are proud of our people and that they have helped shape our culture, and that the values born out of this consultation are woven into our day to day business.

Our values set out below define how we want to work with colleagues, clients and all those we do business with.

Simply transparent

“Being clear, fair and accountable for our decisions and actions.”

This means we are committed to:

  • Keeping our costs transparent
  • Investing time to make sure we give clients the information they need.
  • Giving clients regular opportunities to provide feedback.
  • Accepting responsibility for getting it right for you.

Unity and collaboration

“Being part of an organisation where together we are all moving in the same direction.”

We believe this helps our clients by allowing us to be a networked, efficient team able to respond to your needs by:

  • Ensuring all your needs are met across the firm.
  • Promoting inclusivity.
  • Promoting creative thinking through sharing knowledge to achieve solutions.

Building relationships

“Working with clients and colleagues, respecting their beliefs and values to create a happy working environment.”

More than anything else, this value is at the heart of the way we want to work with you:

  • Valuing every single colleague and client.
  • Listening to your needs.
  • Helping you achieve your goals.