Nearly all personal injury and most medical negligence claims are pursued using either ‘No Win No Fee’ or Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI).

Free Initial Consultation

We understand you will want to know how we can assist, so we offer a free of charge no obligation first meeting at any of our offices, at your home, in hospital, or via phone/video-call – following which we will write to you with a full letter of advice. If you are in any doubt as to whether you may have a claim, please do call or email us, again this is completely without obligation.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You may be able to cover the costs of pursuing a claim if you have Legal Expenses Insurance cover.  This could be attached to your motor insurance, household insurance or possibly your credit card. Travel insurance may also cover the legal costs if you have suffered an accident or injury abroad.

No Win No Fee

A No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA), allows you to bring a claim at no risk to you.

If you win your case, most of your costs and disbursements will be paid by the defendant in addition to your compensation. If you lose, all our time is written off and we don’t charge you at all. We do this by arranging an ‘After-the-event’ insurance policy, which arranges cover for the other side’s costs and your own disbursements if you lose. The cost of the policy is also written off in these circumstances meaning that you pay absolutely nothing.

Inquests – Legal Aid

In some inquest cases it may be possible to put in place a legal aid certificate to cover the legal costs of the inquest process. We can discuss this with you in more detail if you are eligible.