If you are considering selling your business, your main concern is likely to be getting a price that you are happy with and being confident that this will be paid.

But in addition, there are lots of things that you will likely be confronted with from your buyer, who will be equally keen to make certain that their interests are protected.

Having expert legal advice to guide you through the sale process is essential, to ensure that you do not unknowingly leave yourself open to potential claims, even after the sale has completed, which could drastically reduce the value you secure for your business.

We can help you sell your business with confidence.

How we can help

If you are considering selling your business, please contact our specialist Corporate team, and we can work with you to help shape the best structure for the deal, guide you through any due diligence process and agree a sale contract that gives you all the protections you need to allow you to secure your sale with confidence.

Due diligence

It is very possible that the buyer will ask you to go through a process of due diligence. This involves asking you to answer a series of questions about the business and possibly asking you to provide the buyer with certain documents and information relating to the business. This allows the buyer to check that all is in order and ensure that nothing unexpected arises after the purchase has gone through.

Our specialists can help you work through the due diligence process, ensure that any information you provide remains confidential and is provided in a way which gives you maximum protection.

The sale agreement

A well-drafted sale agreement is essential in any business sale. From your perspective it will clearly spell out exactly what you are selling and, just as importantly, any things that you are not. In addition, it will give you confidence that the price has been agreed in writing, including how that sum is calculated and when it is payable.

However, the buyer will likely insist on a range of protections to be included in the sale agreement, in order to protect the investment that they are making. This is reasonable enough, but without expert advice, you could easily agree to giving protections that go beyond what is reasonable and could open you up to expensive claims after the sale has completed.

Our experts can help to ensure that the sale agreement provides you with protection that the purchase price is paid as agreed, whilst at the same time ensuring that you are not left responsible for any possible costs that aren’t fair.

Recognised and recommended

Our Business & Commercial team are recommended in four categories in The Legal 500 UK 2024 – with several colleagues receiving special recognition, including our Head of Corporate Josh Perez-Fosh being acknowledged as a ‘Rising Star’.

‘The approach from the team is not typical of any legal firm I’ve ever worked with. They listen up front and then consider what help you need, rather than diving straight into the pricing and their methodology. They actually try to understand about your business, and they provide a very flexible solution for engagement.
The Legal 500 UK

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