Employment law is a rapidly changing area and most businesses are aware that getting things wrong can be a very stressful and costly process.

We are aware that for many businesses it would be helpful to check all manner of day-to-day employment issues with an employment law specialist, but that the cost of contacting a lawyer understandably puts them off.

This is why we created Fosters HR – a fixed price service, which allows you to ask all of the employment questions you might have, without worrying about running up large legal bills.

How does it work?

The service is very simple. We have a chat with you at the outset to learn a bit more about your business.

Following this, we agree a monthly legal budget with you, based upon the volume of legal support that we expect would be required from a business of your size.

Once you are all set up you can call, email, video message or meet with our employment experts whenever you have a query. All with the confidence that it won’t cost you any more than the amount we have agreed.

What about employment tribunals?

If you are using Fosters HR then your chance of facing an employment tribunal should reduce considerably, as we will have had the chance to advise you on ways to avoid this.

That being said, an employee can always submit a claim and despite best efforts, you might find yourself in this situation.

If that is the case then our expert Employment team can manage the tribunal process on your behalf. Because the process can be so involved and may require attendance at the tribunal on your behalf, we do have to charge extra for this service, but we would agree all costs with you before we begin undertaking any work.

Give yourself extra protection with insurance options

It is possible to insure yourself against the costs of an employment claim made against you. Such insurance can protect against not only the legal cost that you would incur, but also any award made by a tribunal in the employee’s favour.

These sorts of products can provide real peace of mind and we can make referrals to insurers that can provide this cover for you. If you would be interested in this cover, simply speak with a member of our Employment team and we can obtain quotes for the cover on your behalf and introduce you to an insurer.

Contact our experts

If you think you might benefit from our Fosters HR service, please contact us and we can talk you through the way in which the service works, and how we think it might be able to help to take away the stress of dealing with employment queries.

Fosters always portrays a friendly yet extremely professional attitude with 100% commitment to do the best for its clients.
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