It is a legal requirement that all employees must be given a copy of their employment contract by their first day of employment. Despite this, it is amazing how many businesses do not have employment contracts in place with their staff.

The law also requires employment contracts to contain certain key information. For this reason, it is best to have your template contracts reviewed every once in a while to check that they are up to date and cover what they need to.

We can help you secure your relationship with your biggest asset, your people, by drafting and reviewing your new and existing contracts.

How we can help

Whatever your contract requirements, our employment specialists can help. Whether it’s drafting and preparing templated documents for all your new starters, or creating something bespoke as a one-off, we can assist. Our team are also happy to undertake a review of what you already have in place, to check for any required legal updates, or make some suggestions that can give your business extra protection.

If you would like to discuss your situation, please get in touch with our Employment team, who would be happy to have an initial free no obligation chat.

Drafting employment contracts

If your business employs more than just a couple of staff members, then it would be advisable to consider having a template employment contract prepared which can be issued to all new starters. This helps to ensure that your contracts are fully up to date with everything that they need to cover and also makes certain that all of your employees are on similar terms.

Having well-drafted template employment contracts on hand can also help to speed up your recruitment and onboarding processes.

Alternatively, you may need a one-off bespoke employment contract drafting for a particular employee. It is important to ensure that this is professionally prepared to make certain it remains compliant with the most recent legal requirements.

If you need template employment contracts or a one-off contract drafting, please contact our Employment team, and we can discuss what you would like your contract to cover and can begin preparing a draft for you.

Reviewing your existing template employment contracts

Employment law is a rapidly changing area. When changes in the law happen, it can mean that your template employment contracts are no longer compliant and may even leave your business open to costly employment claims.

For this reason it is good practice to have your template contracts reviewed every so often.

If it has been a while since you have had your templates reviewed, please contact us and we can review your templates for you and make any recommendations for changes to help ensure the business is protected.

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Our Employment team are recognised in The Legal 500 UK for “a friendly yet extremely professional attitude with 100% commitment to do the best for its clients.”

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