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£65,000 settlement for employee injured at work

Joe injured his hand after an incident at work, which required surgery and subsequent treatment.

After instructing Fosters Solicitors’ Personal Injury team in an accident at work claim, on a no win no fee agreement, we were able to secure Joe damages of £65,000.

Joe’s case

Joe had been asked by his employer to do an urgent job for a customer which involved him obtaining a product from their stock room. The site where the stock room was located was locked up which meant Joe had to call two managers, one of which arrived at site, to gain access. When they were unable to gain access, it was decided that Joe would use a step ladder from his van to climb over the gate. He did this and gained access to the stock room with a key he had in his possession. Whilst climbing back over the wall and onto the ladder, Joe felt a sharp pain in his right hand. As a reflex he pulled his hand back and fell off the ladder onto the ground.

As a result of the incident, Joe suffered a severe laceration to his right hand and was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery. It was initially thought he developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, although this was later ruled out. Joe experienced symptoms of discolouration and pins and needles in his right hand, and intense pain down his right arm and in his shoulder.

Liability was admitted by the employer’s insurers and medical experts were instructed to assist with placing a value on the claim. Once medical reports, subsequent treatment and financial losses were considered, Fosters Solicitors were able to secure damages for Joe of £65,000. The claim was settled approximately two and a half years after the incident, which is typical for a claim of this type.

Commenting on the settlement, Chris Turner, Associate and Deputy Head of Personal Injury at Fosters Solicitors said: “I was delighted to secure a great result for Joe, who had suffered nasty injuries. I was able to assist Joe with obtaining the recommended treatment on a private basis – given the delays with the NHS, and secure a good level of compensation.”

Accident at work claim specialists

Fosters Solicitors’ Personal Injury team are here to provide support and advice on work-place injury claims, including accidents at work.

We want to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your claim.

We understand you will want to know how we can assist, so we offer a free of charge no obligation first meeting or chat, which we follow up with a full letter of advice. If you are in any doubt as to whether you have a claim, please do contact us, again completely without obligation.

We are also able to discuss how you can cover the cost of a claim, including through a no win no fee agreement.

This article was produced on the 6th November 2023 by our Personal Injury & Group Actions team for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.