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£82,500 won for shop fall client

Pauline was injured after tripping over a display stand in a local shop which resulted in her breaking her left wrist. Pauline had a complicated recovery from her injury and developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and was left with permanent grip weakness, which made basic household tasks difficult for her to perform.

Pauline instructed the Fosters Solicitors’ Personal Injury team, who acted on a no win no fee basis and helped support her through a claim, successfully negotiating a settlement of £82,500.

Pauline’s case

Pauline had approached the counter of her local shop and placed some items down that she wanted to purchase, before walking back to a shelving unit to pick up another item. In doing so, she tripped and fell on a small display stand, which had been left out without any products sitting on it, which would have made it more visible.

Pauline later attended hospital and an X-ray was taken of her left wrist, which confirmed a fracture. The fracture was set, and her wrist placed in a cast before then being reset the following day – due to the first one not being done correctly. Pauline had a complicated recovery and attended NHS hand therapy for approximately two years, during which time she developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. After being discharged from her treatment, Pauline was left with permanent grip weakness, which made it difficult for her to carry out basic household tasks.

Liability was admitted by the defendants and medical reports were obtained from various experts, including an orthopaedic surgeon, and a care expert. Due to the lengthy recovery, proceedings were issued at almost three years post-accident, in line with the limitation date and the matter proceeded through the court’s timescale. Offers were made from both sides before settlement was agreed at £82,500.

Chris Turner, Deputy Head of Personal Injury at Fosters Solicitors, who supported Pauline, commented: “What initially appeared to be a straightforward injury for Pauline turned out to be anything but, and with the lengthy recovery she had, albeit with a permanent weakness in grip, I was pleased to be able to support her through the claim and achieve a settlement, representative of the pain and suffering she had endured.

Personal Injury claim experts

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This article was produced on the 12th March 2024 by our Personal Injury & Group Actions team for information purposes only and should not be construed or relied upon as specific legal advice.